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From the first scene the Star Trek universe as we knew it has changed forever. Kirk is now an angry wayward young man looking for trouble, while a young Spock is tortured over his mixed heritage. Meanwhile a vicious Romulan from the future is hell bent on vengeance upon 'Ambassador' Spock and nothing will get in his way...
Stepping out of cinema 10 at Reading Cinemas in Perth's southern suburb of Belmont, I thought about what I had just seen. A new beginning, a new chapter in the Star Trek saga.

In general, I love J.J. Abrams' work; Fringe, Alias, Cloverfield are all good examples of this. I really liked the camera angles, lighting and general look, feel and style of the production, the effects were great and the space shots were very akin to Battlestar Galactica. Colin Anderson and the grips crew did a really good job bringing Star Trek into the 21st century...which leads into the biggest problem that I have with the series...

Unfortunatley for devotees to the Star Trek franchise, the level was set in 1966, where technology and budget's were limited. This means that if you are going to set yourself on The Original Series or even Next Gen, you are going to wind up hating anything new (ala, Enterprise). I can, however, look past the series is a glimpse into a possible future, and that vision will always be changing.

What I cant go past is the blatancy of a production company to "reboot" a franchise, a franchise that already has a massive fan base, and ran for 726 episodes (across the original series and it's 4 spin offs), 10 movies, countless book, over 2 dozen computer & console games - not to mention the absolute MILLIONS of culture references...but, I suppose fans matter less than profit margins, and if there is a chance to increase that ... it is business sense to do so.

Leonard Nimoy's performance was gave me a spark of hope for the future of the series, returning to the "old ways". I think that William Shatner could have been incorporated into the storyline also, without him "just being there".

I shall finish up by summarising:

- Excellent Visual Effects,
- Karl Urban portrayed a very convincing Bones McCoy,
- It was nice to have the backstory of some of our heroes included,
- The Enterprise looked STUNNING!

- The major plot twist did not feel "true-to-trek",
- Spock's personal storyline,
- The complete lack of The Motion Picture theme,
- The complete lack of any music akin to Star Trek, until...
- While, most of our heroes quotable-quotes were mentioned ... there was a perfect opportunity for Kirk to say one his best that was missed.

An enjoyable movie, that should draw in a good box office win for CBS/Paramount, Bad Robot and Spyglass Entertainment. For me, however, the lack of acknowledgment to the previous 726 episodes and 10 movies will be a bitter pill to swallow
Chris Pine as James T. Kirk
Zachary Quinto as Spock
Karl Urban
as Doctor McCoy
Simon Pegg
as Engineer Scott
John Cho
as Chekov
Zoe Saldana
as Uhura
Also Starring:
Bruce Greenwood
Ben Cross
Eric Bana

Writen By:
Roberto Orci and
Alex Kurtzman

Directed By:
J.J. Abrams
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