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TZ : Social Media on Twitter on Facebook is on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo and I share the Instagram experience on my personal account. On this page you can get a snapshot of what I'm talking about. Feel free to join in on the conversation!

The Twitter feed is 'what's happening now' while the Facebook wall is about what has happened, YouTube and Vimeo are the go to destinations for all the videos and follow me on Instagram to see what I'm doing through photos! | #TzEpReview #StarTrek #TNG : Two very different Iyaaran ambassadors put Worf and Troi through their paces during a cultural exchange. Meanwhile, en route to the Iyaaran homeworld, a shuttle carrying Picard crashes on a planet where a woman has been str ... See moreSee less | #TzEpReview #StarTrek #ENT : Enterprise encounters a vessel manned by Vulcans who explore their emotions. Although ... See moreSee less

View on Facebook | #TzEpReview #StarTrek : En route to Memory Alpha, the Enterprise detects an apparent storm approaching at warp speed. Bypassing the shields and penetrating the ship... various crewmembers report various paralysis effects... ... See moreSee less

View on Facebook | #TzEpReview #StarTrek #TNG : Investigating the disappearance of the U.S.S. Brittain, the Enterprise crew find the science vessel adrift in a binary star system. All of the Brattain crew are found dead, except for a sole Betazoid who is in a catatonic s ... See moreSee less

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