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A former WW2 pilot and LA police officer, Gene Roddenberry, had an idea for a TV show. A show that he called 'a wagon train to the stars.' Featuring a cast of characters that were intended to smash the stereotypes of the day, initially there was a woman officer second in command and lets not get started about the African American lady at communications.

Nowadays, it just seems silly to mention those things but back then it was a huge deal. NBC, the original broadcast network, was unhappy with the choices that Gene had made so they gave him the budget to reshoot the pilot with their input. Captain Kirk was born, Number One disappeared but Uhura took her place.

In the end we were only treated to seventy nine episodes, the series cancelled in it's third year due to poor ratings. But a renewed run in a late afternoon slot gave new life, resulting in thousands of new fans all capable and willing to write letters of support to get the show back on the air. Movies and an animated series followed in the next decade - then new TV series from the 80's.
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